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Thursday, September 30

Chasing The News

With the election looming, TV is being dominated by biased news, bad reporting, smarmy and smug politicians trying to appeal, pathetic smear advertising campaigns and sleep-inducing interviews it is excellent that there is unbiased, honest and truthful election reporting coming from the ABC in the form of The Chaser Decides.

The same people who brought us CNNNN, now bring us weekly insanity updates. Their humour is a little stupid at times, but the wit and style of the show encapsulates how I feel about the election; it's a bunch of stupidity.

The signature scrolling captions are as funny as ever. The caption writer tonight apologised in caption form because microsoft's word grammar tool is crap. The antics that go on in the 'Tally Room' behind them are not as funny as watching the panel ignore them. It was a wonder they weren't reacting to the dogs constant barking.

So if you want half an hour of laughter at the expense of our pollies, tune in to ABC on Thrusday night for 'The Chaser Decides'.

Tuesday, September 28

Oh My Lord!

No chance of me preaching by the way...

I thought that a few of you may be interested in this.

All I can say is:

Bring on Christmas!!

Monday, September 27

I Can See Ya Nuts

Hmm, that joke only works if you say it, grammar gets in the way when written. Anyway, with the Full Moon tomorrow night I felt inspired to share how insane I felt last weekend.

While on the overnight drive South I was trying to find ways of keeping myself alert. I tried the typical things of unhealthy doses of coke, lollies, cold aircon, but the inevitable weariness was creeping in. I put on CDs that I could sing to and that worked for a while, then I got a sore throat from trying to go note for note with Combo Fiasco.

I tried other methods like talking to cars and trucks that drove past, putting the car in cruise control and jiving to the music. The strangest and most successful method involved hearing myself speak. I read aloud every single sign that I drove past for 2 hours. I did voices and bizarre accents, then I got stuck in a strange Japanese voice that cracked me up ever time I said something. If I had been pulled over for a breath test I'm sure I would have been taken away and locked up because I just kept laughing at myself.

Time to go put on my jacket with strangely long sleeves...

Slightly Rigged

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Not really true. I rigged it so that I was Piglet, the best character!

I was more honest in this one...

You are Neo

You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You display a perfect fusion of heroism and compassion.
What Matrix Persona Are You?

Sunday, September 26

Tell Me It's Not Tru

Originally meant to premiere its second season on November 4th, Tru Calling has been pulled from that date and will be starting later in the year. What does this mean? It's back in trouble most like. FOX ordered 13 new eps of the show at the end of the last season, but there is doubt they'll want more than the 6 eps in production. Looks like Tru won't be reliving many more days.

I hope this doesn't scare 7 into pulling it from Tuesday's 10:30pm slot.

Saturday, September 25

I Tried

I am dissappointed with myself, for some strange reason, if I find that I don't like a show I was hoping to. A good example of this is 'Six Feet Under'. I was intriguied by the concept of a show set in a funeral home, dealing with those people's lives and how they cope in that industry. I watched a number of early eps (when Buffy wasn't on). Loved the opening with a new death every week, and the opening credits are great. Two things that should get me to hang around for the rest of the show.

For a reason I can't determine the show didn't click for me. I don't know whether it was the characters, who are all layered and interesting; or the style of language, with frequent strong words; or the style, with visually interesting cinematography. It may be all or none.

After I sat through the Emmy's earlier this week I gave Six Feet Under another go. Stumped was I when Michelle Tractenberg walked into frame!

I liked the characters, the look and even the language wasn't badly colourful. Yet, I still didn't want to keep watching. I thought, maybe it was that I wasn't able get into it because I don't know the characters histories, but the relationships weren't difficult to gather. There has to be some reason but I can't fathom what it is.

I admit defeat and file this show as "watch if it's there" but I won't be searching for it weekly.

Hogwarts Promotes Drugs

Just thought I'd get you attention with that title. I was looking in my dictionary for a word (as you do), and I came across 'mandrake'. My brain instantly linked into Potterdom. Mandrake is grown by Madame Sprout, all the second year students learn how to harvest it, and it ultimately is used to cure those who have been petrified.

So imagine my surprise when I learnt that mandrake is actually a narcotic herb! Just to make sure I wasn't misinterpreting I also checked narcotic. This shocked me a little, I've never thought twice about the compounds frequently referred to in magic potions and other uses like spells. So if the mandrake is a narcotic herb should it be featured in a children's book?

The facts about the mandrake Rowling mentions are based in fact. The roots are forked and can look like a human, because of that, it was said to scream when you pull it out of the earth. Medicinally, the only part of the mandrake that won't kill you is the ripe fruit.

What confused me was how would a sleep-inducing plant cure petrification, which, in essence, is a state of induced sleep (with a touch of Medusa-esque statue work)?

Perhaps I'm reading too far into this, but it's made me think about what else I've been taking for granted.

Friday, September 24


As my new profile pic has caused Muzekez the need to change her pants after she got off the floor, I feel the need to explain to avoid further pant-crapping.

It is a pic of the Narrator from a show called Shockheaded Peter. It is based on the children's stories written by Heinrich Hoffmann called 'Struwwelpeter: Fearful Stories & Vile Pictures to Instruct Good Little Folks' and you can read the stories online. If you think the Grimm tales are for sissies then these are the stories for you.

The show itself was a children's show, but as is the way with great children's theatre, adults enjoy it much more than kids. Full of puppetry and fantastic visuals, the show is heightened by the music written and performed by The Tiger Lillies. I bought the CD when I saw the show (twice) in Adelaide in 2000 and it's always a good laugh.

If you have the chance of seeing this show, go! If you live in England (bugger it), you've got a better chance than the rest of us.

I found my pic here and you can get the same copy of the original stories as I do here.

Stop fidgeting!

Thursday, September 23

You Are Not Real

I'm J.D..

Which Scrubs Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

They've Escaped!

Yes, it is that time of year again. Time when those who have the choice stay off the roads, stay out of shopping centres and avoid public areas in general (well, more than normal anyway).

The school holidays are here.

I know it is unreasonable to grumble about school holidays to the extent that I do, I also know that it is rather hypocritical. I don't care. They are horrible. The things that I enjoy doing during the day because there's hardly anyone else around are ruined by the flood of hormone-driven, audibly-assaulting teens and pre-teens.

I just mentioned in a comment that I want to see a film tomorrow. Then the thought hit me that no matter what I see it will be interrupted and potentially ruined by giggling chatterboxes who text at the speed of light. Shopping will be hampered by having to park miles away to avoid being smashed into by an on-the-edge parent about to crack, and the shops themselves will overcrowded by small people not yet aware of the benefit of personal hygiene.

I won't go on as I'm already likely to receive a stern email from certain Teacher friends of mine who, for obvious reasons, love school holidays. My solution is to have subs come in for the weeks that teachers have off and leave the kids there!

Bah Humbug!


Wednesday, September 22

If You Can Dodge A Wrench

Thursday last week I was filling in the afternoon before I could drive off into the horizon. As is my want, a film is my preferred choice of time wasting. Dodgeball it was.

It has been toted to be funnier than Zoolander. I loved Zoolander, and hoped to enjoy Dodgeball equally. In fact, it was funnier by far. I knew I was in for a couple of hours of laughing at people in pain and so my conscience should have been saying 'this is bad and you shouldn't be laughing', but it was gutbustingly funny.

Ben Stiller looked like he was in a slump of late (to me anyhow). Starsky and Hutch was neither here nor there, Along Came Polly didn't make me want to see it, therefore I didn't. Vince Vaughn wasn't a drawcard for me, I wasn't overly impressed with him in Starsky and Hutch nor Old School. The rest of the ensemble were the drawcards for me, Justin Long (Ed), Rip Torn (MIB), Stephen Root (The Ladykillers), and, of course, Alan Tudyk (Firefly, A Knight's Tale, I, Robot).

If you're not a fan of slapstick or, obvious but a bit gross comedy then you may not like Dodgeball, but I think it's the underdog string that pulls you into this film. Rip Torn's delivery of horrible lines about drinking urine cause it tastes good are perfect and his ultimate demise is hilarious. Justin Long doesn't have to try in the parts he plays, he's naturally funny and goofy. Stephen Root's subscription to 'Obscure Sport Digest' is what starts this whole ball rolling. Vince Vaughn is charmingly funny in this role, and not once was I put off by his typical sleazy. Ben Still wearing a bad wig and truly gross handlebar-moustache managed to raise the bar on his other films. The sexual ambiguity of Christine Taylor's character was a lot of fun, and never delved into total offensiveness.

Alan Tudyk steals the focus of every shot he's in. Constantly finding some way to draw the attention to him, not by overactive, but in keeping in total character even if he's out of focus in the background. I watched A Knight's Tale again today, and he's the same in that. Constantly totally in character.

I've not said much about the story. It's not too complex, so needs no analysis.

It's fun and funny and I say to see it to take your woes away for a while.

Tuesday, September 21

The Trouble With Mac

I'm currently at work watching Oprah's wildest dreams show where she's giving away the cars to her audience (yes, I'm being paid to do this). I thought I may try and get a couple of posts out while I have the opportunity, but it seems I can't do everything I want because the computer that I can use is a Mac (all computers here are). The browser is Safari and I don't have any of the handy things that I need like any of the buttons! I do like Macs and the way they work, but this one here just makes me go GRRR!

Monday, September 20

Safe Return

I am back from my travels yonder and eager to get back into it all, but first a little rest is required.

I had many firsts on this trip, first long solo drive, first overnight drive, first school holiday traffic swearing at holiday drivers trip, first solo battle of inner city brisbane, first (and only) time I'll miss the turn off that means I don't add 40kms by going through Bundaberg instead of bypassing it, first time I saw Guy Sebastian, Paulini and Vanessa Amorossi in persons, first time I've operated a video camera worth more than my computer.

Was a good trip.

Wednesday, September 15

Obvious Absence

I will not be posting for a few days as I'm off on a work trip. I get to drive 700kms by myself overnight on Thursday. Will be an interesting experience as I've not driven that far alone before. So I hope to be back up and posting on Sunday.

Have a good weekend all! :-)

Tru Calling And The O.C., With A Side-Dish Of Insanity

I am glad Tru Calling made it back to our screens after the Olympics. I think it is starting to find its feet as a show. It still has a long way to go, but the foundations of a good show are starting to be used. I liked that she didn't wake up at home tonight, and I also liked that she didn't see the body beforehand.

I cringed at the thought of another high school reunion type ep, but the twists and different directions were satisfactory. This ep was written by ex-Buffy full timer, Doug Petrie who is one of many writers looking for shows. Jane Espenson has joined Tru Calling full time for season two. So I'm hoping for good things.

It's official. I'm hooked on The O.C.. I find it rather funny. Likely that I'll not be mentioning it here again.

Is it just me, or do the auto edit pencil things I can see beside the post date and time look like bananas? If you have auto-edit on, you'll be able to see them too. I say bananas they are.

Tuesday, September 14

A Watcher, I Could Be

Last night I received an sms, from a friend, asking a vampire related question. I instantly went into Watcher-research mode. I grabbed my thick (900 page) tome about the vampyr and searched for the answers. With the solution found, I smsd a reply with the answer...

and realised how very sad my life is.

Where I find me

I am a habitual self searcher. What does that mean? I put in my name, my alias, and my blogs' name in search engines to see what I find. I always hope that if I put 'Slayer Library' through a search, I'll be the first. In Google I am. The first four actually. If I seach for 'slayer' alone, my first appearance is link 274 on page 28 (I just kept clicking till I found me).

Anyway, I am also a habitual referrer watcher. I like to see where people come from to visit my blog. This has resulted in a number of laughing sessions when I find people who visited here from search for pictures of an older actresses' chest (I know if I write the words again, I'm only going to get more hits).

It was while I was referrer watching today that I discovered that a Library Blogsource had listed my site in one of their May posts because I have the word Library in my title. I'm fascinated that there is a blog that lists all sites that refer to libraries. Most of the other sites were library related, which makes me feel a bit out of place having the title I do. A little self doubt is good. I think.


An odd quiz, but worth taking cause I say so. :-)
You have to fill out your personals ad, and it spits out results. Fun! I've spent a bit of time tonight doing the other quizzes as well, interesting.

Monday, September 13

What Daria Character Are You?

I am Jane.
Artsy and funny, doesn't take anyones BS.

I can think of far worse Daria characters to be.

What Daria Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Help. If you want it.

Blogger has its helpful news articles posted under my blog list. I wonder how many people actually read them?

If there is something of interest to me, or a new trick or tool, I'll investigate. I have discovered that there is a wealth of articles that I've not read; some are helpful, some are dull.

I was rather amused to come across 'Eats, Blogs and Leaves', an adaptation and helpful guide to composing your blog using intelligible language. Sadly, no one guilty of being a capitalist blig would ever read it, nor would those addicted to using three full stops as a separator for everything, nor would ne1 gilti o ritin lik dis (grrrr).

My favourite parts of this article are:
Anyone who types in all lowercase needs to be taken out back and beaten. If you can't be bothered with the extra keystroke, I can't be bothered to read your site.

I always find mistakes after I hit the publish button. (I have the same problem)

Slight digression. I next blogged and found this. It's not Shakespeare, but funny nonetheless.

Sunday, September 12

Chocolat and a Bubble

After finishing one of my favourite Firefly eps, Out of Gas, I flicked over and started to watch Bubble Boy on TV. I didn't realise that it starred Jake Gyllenhaal a fav actor of mine. So I stuck with it and ended up laughing my way through the whole film. An insane comedy where unlikely incidents happen right when they need to.

Jimmy, the boy in the bubble, has no 'immunity' to germs, hence the bubble. I missed the first 10 minutes or so, so I don't know the total reasoning, but I didn't find it necessary. Watching Jake try to run with the bubble was funny every time. I found the 'freaks' rather entertaining rather than weirdos. Who could look at Matthew McGrory the same way again after Big Fish. Verne Troyer is excellent as Mr Phreak. I noticed he's not worked since the last Austin Powers film, sad indeed.

A solid comedy with good a good script and solid cast I will add it to my 'will buy' list.

I spent earlier (or later, because it was afternoon) watching a great film about life and chocolate. Of course, I am speaking of Chocolat.

I really can't say enough good things about this film. Solid story that has a sense of whimsy but firmly rooted in life. Visually stunning; I dare anyone not to be able to smell the chocolate in the preparation scenes. The village looks like it's taken straight from a picture book. The score is a CD I have decided I want. A similar type of thing to the Amelie score.

You would have to be a cold hearted cynic to not at least appreciate the spirit of this film. I want to watch it again now.

Saturday, September 11

Little Things

It is funny how the simplest change can affect me. I get an entertainment e-newsletter from Yahoo everyday. It arrives between 1am and 1:30am everyday. I tend to be awake at this time (look below!) and I like to check up on any interesting news before I head to bed.

No longer can I do this. Yahoo has changed its mind and the layout of the email. It's not as interesting to look at and is less informative, and it arrives at 7am. The only time I'm awake this early is to go to town for work or play, I'm never online!

Stupid corporate decision makers who don't take my habits into account.

Friday, September 10


I have had an urge to watch some of my video collection. When I normally have an itch to view I head for the DVD shelf, but I got to the point where I was just staring at it and not actually looking, so for a change of scenery I walk to the other side of the room and stare blankly at my videos.

I was after something feel-good last night and grabbed 'The Dish'. A good Australian film that's funny, warm, historical (as much as a film can be) and has a great soundtrack. I wasn't around for the original Moon Walk and like to be shown what it was like. Yes, a thick pair of rose coloured glasses are put on, but I like the sentiment.

The Australian (and pseudo-Australian) cast are all exceptional in their roles. I never once cringed at any really bad ocker-stereotypes nor put down jokes. The humour is dryly Aussie and you'd be hard pressed not to laugh out loud numerous times, especially when the American national anthem is mixed up. Sam Neil excels as the dignified Cliff Buxton, Kevin Harrington claims most of the films one liners, Tom Long has the shy intellect down pat, and Patrick Warburton as the NASA liaison takes the typical American-in-an-Aussie-film to a new level (You'd recognise him if you've seen the TV show 'The Tick').

Add to the core cast an ensemble of memorable bit parts I'd be challenged to think of a better Australian movie of wholesome characters. I was looking at a list of quotes trying to find the funniest line. I couldn't choose.

This a film I'm actually proud of that is an Australian product.

Thursday, September 9

Paper Cuts - Ilse Witch

One down, two to go. The first part of The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara was the most I have enjoyed a Terry Brooks book since reading 'The Word and The Void'.

As I wrote when I began it, I regret starting it immediately after finishing The Da Vinci Code. It was a big shift in pace that I wasn't ready for, but I adjusted quickly enough to enjoy where the story was heading.

I think I enjoyed Ilse Witch more than the other Shannara books I've read because it is about venturing into the unknown rather than searching the 'lands' for historical thingies that will save them from the current evils. Adventure and discovery will get me every time.

I really like the concept of the flying ships being actual ships, rather than some plane adaptation.

I'm a bit stumped at what to say about it really. It's a good fantasy, but not overly entrenched in lore or bizarre creatures, they come and go, but the story is about the people. I'm eager to start Antrax tonight.

Wednesday, September 8

Disturbing Confusion.

I would like to know if anyone can explain this for me. It is a blog that I don't have control of, yet it looks identical to mine, features posts previously written by me, has a link to my profile, and my counter, but has different links, a strange search box at the bottom, and none of the layout changes I've made.

I feel violated.

Rack of Guilt

Today was shopping day. Wasn't planned, went to town to visit my ill G'ma and ended up going to KMart's 15% off store-wide sale. There were DVDs and CDs all vying for my attention.

Run Lola Run and Big Fish DVDs made their way home with me, as did Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack and Bond's Classified. Not really helping my saving toward a holiday, but at least I have good music to listen too while I'm travelling!

Sunday, September 5

Sickly Sweet

Tonight was hired DVD night. The scary part is I wasn't involved in the selection.

Honey was first up.

I missed this film at the cinema, and intended to eventually catch it on DVD. I can't help but like Jessica Alba and thus hoped this film would prove to be a worthy choice. I'm sad to say, it was a terrible mistake. Apart from being a machine to further her career Honey didn't do much of anything.

As usual, good things first. Dance sequences were very good, and JA found her groove well. Obviously, the film features a number of music video sequences and they were the same affair you see on Rage.

JA actually portrayed Honey rather well within the limited room she had. None of the other characters stuck out enough to mention.

Within the first 15 minutes I was confused as to where the plot was going. There didn't seem to be any decision made about where the film would go. The concept is simple enough to guess from the trailer, Honey is a good dancer who wants to make it big so she can have her own dance studio. I didn't really feel it. The main story was lost in the myriad of useless subplots that I can only guess were there to continue the stereotype history of Hollywood. There were the kids with a mother who yells, drug dealers, scum bag music industry peeps, the love interest, and unsupportive parents. Every one of those was skimmed over with no real development. The entire plot felt like it served to link the music vids together.

When the end credits appear, everyone watching said "Is that all?".

I am sure this film serves as inspiration to teenie-boppers and frustrated choreographers but it sadly did little to entertain me for the rather long 90 minutes.

Saturday, September 4

Bourne. Again.

The Bourne Identity was a good mystery/amnesia/action flick that I was surprised I enjoyed as much as I did. Layered characters not typical of any type of agency film and a conspiracy that actually intrigued. So when I heard there was a sequel, I wasn’t surprised. I was dubious about it due to the sequel-syndrome of following clever with crap. The trailer caught my interest enough to lure me into the cinema (much like handing a lolly to any sugar addict).

The Bourne Supremacy, was overall, a good flick. Once again the conspiracy is engaging enough to want to follow it through to completion. Matt Damon is a secret action movie hero, better than Ben Affleck could ever hope for. He is great in this role. I am very glad that the agents and staff of the agencies aren’t goofy tossers. It is such a common stereotype now that it is refreshing to see them taking it seriously.

I have only one problem with Bourne 2. The camera. I don’t think the production company could afford to buy a camera dolly, because it was on the cameraperson’s shoulder for the entire movie. I know for a fact that camera people can film nearly totally motionless on shoulders. I enjoy that style when used to enhance the immediacy or tension. To make things seem live and more real. What I don’t like is when an entire film is wobbly! There were so few motionless shots they could be counted on your digits. Even though I was really enjoying the story and action, the constant motion was similar to being on a train. I always fall asleep on trains! I became rather drowsy. The total opposite of what an audience member should be feeling in a mystery/amnesia/action film. It is bearable, but does distract dramatically at times. If you get motion sickness, perhaps wait till it’s released on DVD.

Apart from the above wrong decision, The Bourne Supremacy is a worthy sequel of Identity.

I See Red People

I believe there are two generalised groups of people to watch M. Night Shyamalan (MNS) films. One attends to enjoy the film for the interesting perspective, twisty plots and perhaps some good scares from enjoyable films that may not be perfect. The other perceives the films to be predictable, not scary and rather stupid because they guess what’s gunna happen (or IMDb forum posters).

I am part of the first. When I saw The Sixth Sense for the first time cinema sized, I was truly freaked. I have an annoying history of going to these films alone. I went home to an empty house that night, I spent the whole night on the phone to friends. Same with Signs. Went alone. Thankfully not alone after film, but it didn’t have the same impact. So I tried, in vain, to coerce people into accompanying me (but I’m far too unattractive to be seen with in public) to see The Village, so ended up alone again.

I was slightly apprehensive about going to The Village, let alone going alone. The trailer did a very good job of creeping me out. So I bit the bullet and went anyway.

I’m going to do my very best to not say anything to give any hint to twists or even plots. These films are best seen with little prior knowledge (I’m kinda saying stop reading if you want the best experience. But be sure to come back and read!)

MNS chose an excellent cast. Bryce Howard is superb as Ivy, Joaquin Phoenix’s Lucius is unsurprisingly stoic. The biggest shock, even though it shouldn’t have been, was the, at first unrecognised, Adrien Brody. His portrayal of Noah blew me away.

I’ll get the obvious out of the way now. There were some excellent scares. I’m not big on the jumping normally, but I had big reactions to a couple of scares, and even was afraid to look at one point. I didn’t yelp like a woman in the back of the cinema though. As a person affected by the sight of blood, I am free in saying that this was a rather bloodless film. There is some, but no splattering or people with deep lacerations and the like. So The Village is more a thriller. I actually enjoyed being scared by it. Not something I like often.

MNS has an interesting passion for colour. The Village is all about the colour. Beautifully shot and directed, it follows possibly the simplest of stories, but contrasts it with deep characters and intriguing conflicts. Add actors who have the chops to show the best and it’s a mixture for success. For me to be truly scared I have to totally believe why the character would be so. Nicole Kidman, in The Others, achieved it and so does this cast.

I totally enjoyed my inner turmoil of knowing that something has been dispelled in the plot as not scary, yet, I still held onto the established irrational fear. I remember my brain going, “you’re a dumb-ass!”, and my body trying to retreat into the seat. Fun!
If you are a scaredy-cat then wait for the dvd. If you like the feel of your heart racing and are up for a thought provoking, thoroughly enjoyable and interesting film experience. Then visit The Village.

Thursday, September 2

Road Sign

Saw The Village today, will post on it soon.

Just thought I would share a small thought I had earlier.

There are times I feel like I'm a road sign. People look to me for information and forget me once they are past.

Good, Bad and Ugly

Tru Calling is back on our screens, scheduled at a far more appropriate, and survivable, Tuesday 10:30pm. Yay! This weeks ep, "Closure", deals with Tru reliving the day trying to save a guy who's probably going to die anyway. While watching this ep I found myself thinking of possible extremes the series could go. When will Tru die, and get to relive the day avoiding her own death? How often will she have restraining orders filed against her?

For those who like Stargate, 7 has picked up where it left off with the new series. I haven't watched this show regularly for ages now, and when I switched over tonight saw many characters I didn't know. I got scared and ran away.

Some bizarre news is 7 has acquired The X-files. Starting with the very first ep tonight, it's on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 11:30pm. I will make an effort to watch as many as I can, because I was not a regular viewer until much later on.

This week has the strangest and by far bizarrest combination of items. Historically schedules are arranged to keep a viewer watching, thus scheduling shows that are likely to appeal to similar audiences together. This Friday night can only be looked upon with head shaking.

8:30pm Mary Poppins (1964). Family.
11:30pm Pitch Black (2000). Sci-fi.

I really like both films but would any parent in their right mind not be disturbed to find their sprout, who has stayed out of bed a little longer, watching the start of the very dark Pitch Black? I doubt it.

And we come to the ugly. I can feel a guilty pleasure show creeping up on me. I watched nearly all of The O.C. this week. I laughed and enjoyed it. This could be the start of something scary.

Wednesday, September 1


With the announcement of the Federal Election on the weekend, I thought it timely that I reveal my new political allegiance. I have become a founding member of the Australian Nature Troupe (ANT). We, obviously, have a strong environmental stand.

Things are a little rushed here at ANT central (or the Hill as we prefer to call it). We want to hold a large public gathering to let people know what we are on about. It was left to me to devise a title for this event. I thought a pertinent issue would be Public Incentives Concerning Nation's Identity Crisis (PICNIC). So at this PICNIC rally a strong public speaker is needed to inspire citizens to join up with our cause. The obvious choice has to be renowned local traveller Barry U. Guber.

When details of time and place are known, I will surely announce them here.

Perhaps a nice park.

(This is what happens when I allow my mind to wander at 2am)

Louvre Tour

Paris Tourists Search for Key to 'Da Vinci Code'

I like the book. I accept that it's all theories and twisting of the truth, but isn't the world allowed to have a little fun with history now and again?

I am glad the Louvre has started to include the book in a tour. If I was to visit, I would probably go through the book and write down all the places it references so I could see them for myself. I can't think of a better way to enhance my imagination than to have my own image of a real location in my head.

Father Paul Roumanet has, perhaps, not been paying enough attention to history. The 'fad' of the Da Vinci Code is only the most recent revamping of of the Holy Grail myth, and is unlikely to be the last.

About me?


I'm also most like the season Spring.

I live in the film Scary Movie.

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