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Sunday, September 5

Sickly Sweet

Tonight was hired DVD night. The scary part is I wasn't involved in the selection.

Honey was first up.

I missed this film at the cinema, and intended to eventually catch it on DVD. I can't help but like Jessica Alba and thus hoped this film would prove to be a worthy choice. I'm sad to say, it was a terrible mistake. Apart from being a machine to further her career Honey didn't do much of anything.

As usual, good things first. Dance sequences were very good, and JA found her groove well. Obviously, the film features a number of music video sequences and they were the same affair you see on Rage.

JA actually portrayed Honey rather well within the limited room she had. None of the other characters stuck out enough to mention.

Within the first 15 minutes I was confused as to where the plot was going. There didn't seem to be any decision made about where the film would go. The concept is simple enough to guess from the trailer, Honey is a good dancer who wants to make it big so she can have her own dance studio. I didn't really feel it. The main story was lost in the myriad of useless subplots that I can only guess were there to continue the stereotype history of Hollywood. There were the kids with a mother who yells, drug dealers, scum bag music industry peeps, the love interest, and unsupportive parents. Every one of those was skimmed over with no real development. The entire plot felt like it served to link the music vids together.

When the end credits appear, everyone watching said "Is that all?".

I am sure this film serves as inspiration to teenie-boppers and frustrated choreographers but it sadly did little to entertain me for the rather long 90 minutes.

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Ben said...

good to hear, coz i remember watching the previews and thinking "that movie has no plot" :)

6/9/04 8:05 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I'm doubtful the writer would be able to spell plot.

8/9/04 1:25 am


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