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Tuesday, August 31

Identity Issues

So your out walking your dog one night and out of the bushes jumps a girl with a 12 inch stake yelling "I am Buffy the Vampire Slayer". She takes a swing at you, misses and runs off.

What would you do?

Call the Police, then a newspaper, of course!

Want to see a dodgy filmed copy of the Serenity teaser trailer? Go here, but don't expect to hear or see in great detail. No matter, it still looks like it will be a blast.

Buffy's real life arch nemesis, the Parents Television Council (PTC), got their butts kicked in court again over a complaint about Buffy's 'explicit' sex scene with Spike (remember the one where she's invisible??).

Charisma Carpenter will appear in a couple of eps of Charmed in the coming season, playing, you guessed it, a psychic. She is also not planning to return to Cordelia's always fashionable shoes. I'm not really saddened by that news.

Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) has been filming a doco series about the supernatural. Titled "True Horror", it looks at mythic beings like vamps and werewolves in a 'factual' light.

Amy Acker (Fred) is apparently 5+ months pregnant. It's a little hard to picture.

David Boreanaz is only willing to come back to Angel for a cinema released movie.

I think the time has come for Spiderwoman as well.

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Violet said...

So that's where you got your Fred piccy from..
I found some nice wallpapers on that site

31/8/04 5:15 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I made my Fred pic in Photoshop from a couple of picts I found in my wanderings. I can't remember where I got the 2 originals from...

31/8/04 10:29 pm


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