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Thursday, August 26

Which Wing

The West Wing of course!

I remember sitting down to watch the Pilot, way back when, and being totally stunned by this show. They aired the first 2 eps consecutively, and by the end of the pilot I had added it to my 'tape every week' list. The writing, the actors, the characters, the sets, the cinematography were all excellent.

I hate politics. It drives me to distraction. It is a necessary evil to have politicians, but that doesn't mean I have to like them. I also have a serious aversion to any sort of politics anywhere else (ie, in the workplace). So I was surprised that I like watching this show. How could I not?

I had not seen the first season for a long while, so I had forgotten how snappy the dialogue was. I had forgotten about the really long single shots and how interesting the characters are. I think the reason why I like it so much is these people are amazingly intelligent (which I would certainly hope for) and also very human. It's smart TV.

So when I was browsing the DVD section last week, I couldn't help impulse buy the first season on the cheap. I have enjoyed watching it so much I've devoured the whole first season in 4 days.

In it's second or third year, West Wing got put on, stupidly, at the same time as Buffy. It never had a chance. I tried taping Buffy and watching WW but I managed to stuff it up a few times. Nothing got in the way of my Buffy watching and taping. Nothing. So, I was forced to catch only the odd ep here and there. WW hasn't returned to air here this year, which is ludicrous and another example of commercial stations mindlessness.

I'm now eagerly awaiting season 2 to become really cheap. I need to rediscover what happens to whom after the shooting.

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Blogger Newmomin05 said...

Its funny, because the things you described are why I can't stand that show. I'm glad that some people get enjoyment out of it, but I highly doubt that the people in the White House are that humane, intelligent, warm and open with each other. I know I'm a weirdo, but it just bugs me! Its like someone's fantasy of what they want a president to be and its so unrealistic.

26/8/04 2:42 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I can see why it's not a show for everyone. I definitely don't see it as any kind of reality. It's very idealised. I very much doubt that Bush has the same reservations about war that Bartlett portrays. Although the show does give a scary insight into how easy for him it is.

It may be my separation from it that the grim reality doesn't bear down on it as much. I know that I have never liked anything based upon our political system here, so I can certainly understand why you don't.

26/8/04 2:58 am


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