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Thursday, August 19

New Navbar Nonsense

This new idea from Blogger is really rather good. I was never a fan of the bulky, fugly advert at the top, so I am glad to see it replace with a much sleeker, better looking bar thing.I don't quite know how it will get them more money, but I'm sure their deal with Google will cover it.

Anyhoo, the purpose of this post was for me to express my amusement with the 'Next Blog' button up on the right. I've received a number of new hits from through it, and I've spent some time just clicking through to see where I end up.

Blogs I've been to so far include a 12 year old girl with serious spelling issues, a depressed woman in Canada, a teenager obsessed with her pets (her blog consists wholly of pictures of her animals), a band fanatic who tried to make my computer download something, and a scary blog where the person made the 12 year old girl's spelling look like Shakespeare.


The world is a diverse place. Endlessly interesting. Endlessly disturbing.

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

I've been cruising through the "Next Blog" links too, hoping to discover some fascinating new blogs, but I keep ending up on blogs written in languages other than English. As I can't read any language other than English, this has been a rather disappointing exercise to date. *sigh*

20/8/04 2:01 pm


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