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Friday, August 13

Stupids Anonymous

On Mondo Thingo tonight, the irritating pop culture guy talked about Greg the Bunny. I noticed it in the TV guide last week, but more on that later. For those who don't know Greg the Bunny is a very naughty bunny, and his show is just as naughty. So channel 7, in all their wisdom, put 2 + 2 together...

Bunny + Puppet = children's television

So during the last school holidays, they aired it for a week at 11am!

I nearly rolled on the floor laughing when the irritating guy said this. I had only noticed the show in it's more appropriate 1.30am slot last week, and noted that I wanted to catch it.

I think this is a clear case that TV stations really have no idea of what they are buying and couldn't tell kids telly from edgy comedy.

At least watch the shows you are going to subject us to.

Still funny though. I can picture little Jason on holidays, being baby sat by the TV. At dinner that night, he asks dad if mum's biscuits are also over-hashed...

1 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Jack said...

That's HYSTERICAL! I can hardly believe it!

Count Blah, blah...

15/8/04 4:03 am


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