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Sunday, August 8

Identity Issues

After much pointless searching and avoidance of the problem, I have finally selected a new alias. Thankyou to Seventh Sanctum for suggesting it. It was a 'random' name and I've done a little searching to make sure nothing untoward is associated with it. It's a real name apparently, but the results were mostly in polish and one was a footballer.

All I have to do now is find a suitable last name...

4 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Draic said...

Casyn? As in 'caz-yin'?
If it was a character I was making up, I'd be tempted to give a last name starting with a vowel. And three syllables, for some reason. Go figure.

9/8/04 4:36 pm

Blogger Ben said...

how about "Casyn Jones"?
I believe that is an allusion towards another individual associated with "sports". Loosely associated, you understand.

9/8/04 9:59 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Pronounced 'Case-in'. I'm unlikely to start it with a vowel, but three syllables will be a must. All the options I've found are three.

I think Jones is a little too common. And even a loose association to sport is too much :-)

9/8/04 10:13 pm

Blogger Ben said...

but it would showcase your ninja turtle fandomness!

11/8/04 11:07 pm


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