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Monday, August 2

The 100th Post

For some reason this post has been weighing heavily on my mind. Like it's some great achievement. For me it is. This is the most dedicated I've been to something web related for a long time. It's the immediacy of posting. I write something, and there it is. Ready for the world to see and respond to.

Welcome to my milestone!

It's a party in here! See all my friends?

Call it my blog-party if you will. Everyone is invited.

I'd better go put the mini sausage rolls in the oven.

2 viewers interjected with:

Anonymous Anonymous said...



go you go you, its your birthday, if it isn't, dance like it is anyway!!


guess who, couldn't be bothered remembering my password.. sorry eh.

congrats on 100! woot

2/8/04 5:51 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Thanks for coming!

If you want to come back I've got heaps of leftovers!

A blog party wasn't the best idea, but was fun while it lasted.

4/8/04 12:39 am


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