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Saturday, July 31

And really bad eggs

On a tip from Muzekez, I went in search of Buffy and Angel DVDs on the cheap at Kmart yesterday. What luck! They had Angel season 4 and Buffy season 7 part 2. Each for $33. The cheapest I've ever seen them. So Angel went onto layby and Buffy went home with me. I was rather irritated they didn't have part 1 of Buffy, but that's life in the regional world.

I also found Cirque Du Soleil's Journey of Man on DVD in Big W, meaning I could tell Target to stop not looking for the missing disk.

So I spent the better part of today watching Buffy special features and a few eps. Of course, that had nothing to do with the fact that last night I was rather ill and I'm still not the best. So a day on the couch was unavoidable (I'll keep telling myself that).

It occurred to me recently that I have a blog named after Buffy (that's not the revelation), and I've not yet done a post about the show. I feel inspired to and will get to it soon no doubt.

One of the special features on the disks was Joss' Top Ten favourite eps. All of them were eps he wrote and directed. No surprise there, but it got me thinking about my faves. I realised that there are eps that are fantastic, but they aren't my five. So I've decided to come up with my own 'Best of'  and a 'Favourites' list.

On a completely different topic, as of the word 'tip' in the first line of this post, I've written 20000 words. It's a very strange feeling knowing that I've inflicted that much of my verbal drivel on the world. I was kind of hoping that it would coincide with my 100th post, but I wasn't able to hold out that long. 

I received an email today that was one of those quiz lists. Where you answer a long list of questions about yourself and then email it to all your friends. I was mentioned as the most blonde and the funniest to this person. I'm rather happy with those. Neither are bad things. The point of this story is I often think I am perceived as an odd person, I'm ok with it, and sometimes I actually foster this perception. So I was a bit surprised I wasn't listed as the 'strangest' in this persons list and the person who was would not have occurred to me. I always find peoples perceptions of other people very interesting, and this just adds to the mystery.

To explain the title of this post. Bad eggs aren't why I'm ill, I've had the song from The Pirates of the Caribbean in my head all night.

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

Glad to hear you had some success! :-) Had to raincheck Buffy season 7 (both parts) here - something to look forward to. Will be interested to see you "Best of Buffy" list.

1/8/04 4:52 pm


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