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Wednesday, July 21

Chaos Bleeds

At last, after many months, I have finished Buffy:Chaos Bleeds Xbox game. There are many bad things about this game that I could go on for hours about. Things like Willow's voice replacement, stupidly hard puzzles to get past, and bad fighting flaws. Now that I have finished it, kicked Ethan Rayne's butt, I have that nice sense of accomplishment you get when you have beaten something you had nearly given up on.

I have to admit that I did have a little help from a walk through we found online. That's how tough a couple of the puzzles were. As I am not a fanatic gamer, nor a game designer, I just don't think the same way they do. If I push this block over there, it will stop that from going down so I can go under it. Simple. Besides the fact that I didn't know I could push that block.

For me, the first Buffy game is the way to go, it's got all the cool things you want to see in a Buffy game, good game play, scary demons, and well, it's a Buffy game. What more can you ask for?

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