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Sunday, July 18

Mood Swing

I have been, unsurprisingly, in a bit of a low mood for the past couple of days. Was just listening to Josh Groban. A very talented young man. Bastard.

Anyway. It is a very good cd, but when in the wrong mood, it can make things feel sadder. So I changed to Bond. If you've not heard of them, I'm not overly surprised. A string quartet who play famous classical pieces with a fresh look. Some of it is a bit doof doof, but it's times like tonight that I have them for.

The reason for this post is this mood change helper reminded me of a book I bought years ago. The Tao of Music by John M Ortiz. Looking at it again, it does seem quite self-helpy. Thankfully I've not turned into a complete loon. I just find it interesting to look at how music can be used to help. I actually considered Music Therapy as a career. Briefly.

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