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Friday, July 16


In no way is this going to be a coherent blab about Angel's finale. I am still in shock and can hardly think about certain scenes without getting bleary eyed.

If you've not seen the finale don't read on. I'm likely to ruin any surprise for you.

I have not made it a secret that I've been a little disappointed how this year was rounding out. I still think it was clunky and rushed. Forget it all. None of it matters now.

I was speechless for the last 15 minutes I think. I kept making incomprehensible noises though.

Spike's set up like he was about to brawl, but reads his poem to Cecily instead, had to be his best moment ever.

Wesley tending to Illyria because there was nothing else for him broke my heart.

The moment Lorne shot Lindsay was when I lost the plot (mine not the shows). The horror, surprise and complete loss really blew me away.

Unfortunately I came across an article that revealed that Wesley was going to die some time ago. I was really angry, not because they were going to kill him, but that I found out. Although, in hindsight, the lessened shock may have been a good thing. Only so many things my brain can handle at once.

So yeah, I was a blithering mess when Joss' name flashed at the end. I am glad I watched it alone.

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