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Monday, July 12

Oh, the evil of it all.

I believe that evil exists. Not that's it's founded by or controlled by any dominant power. Just that it exists.

The most recent revealing of this evil is in the form of Book Worm. A little game that asks you to find words in the random combination of letters. You score points for longer words and more points for harder letters. It all seems quite innocent.

It's NOT!

This game eats up time. In the way it makes you go through every possible combination of letters you can think of, it opens up a black hole and just sucks time away from you. It was too the point before, that I had to sternly tell myself that I should stop. I needed to get away otherwise I would end up wasting my life in front of it. Just like the Mirror of Erised, I could go mad looking at it all day.

I'll write another post. Then, I've got words to keep finding.


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