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Thursday, July 8

Harry Potter 6

I know I'm a bit behind the ball, but I've just found out the new title of HP6.

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

Two things strike me after reading this; 1) It's not the greatest title to say or read; 2) I don't recall any mention of royalty in any of the books. Unless we're talking about dark lords, kings of darkness etc. Colour me confused.

When I read the books again later this year I will certainly be paying more attention to characters and being more aware of subtle setups for future use.

I have spent a bit of time tonight wandering around JK Rowling's Official Site. It is well designed and, although it seems a little dull to start with, has a bunch of easter eggs waiting to be found. The hunting is more fun than the prize at the moment. I have come to a stand still right now. I can get no further. Somehow I knocked over the cup of pens and pencils and I can't do it again. I also don't know what that did for me. I left it and decided to go back later. Or I'll do a search and see if I can find a walkthrough.

Half Blood Prince. I don't see it sitting right for me until I discover more details.

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Blogger Pickwick said...

OMG! I actually knew something about HP before you? You must have been somewhere else when we talked about it at Spidy 2 last week!


8/7/04 10:41 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Now that I think about it, I do vaguely remember something about HP. I must have been elsewhere at that point. Well, mentally elsewhere. I'm vague sometimes, and not particularly concerned by it :-)

Still stuck in that site. No further can I get. It's a bugger.

9/7/04 1:00 am

Blogger Draic said...

I heard the title a while ago as well - though I believe it was my father who told me. Maybe it was in the paper.

Anyway, I agree with you. For one thing, the word 'prince' isn't good. Somehow the word 'half-blood' seems to be overwhelmed by the word 'prince'.

'Harry and The Prince'

It's just horrible.

12/7/04 1:01 am


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