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Wednesday, July 7

Paper Cuts

As expected I chose a Buffy book to read next. Obsidian Fate by Daina G. Gallagher was on the top of my pile. I'm about 1/3 through and it's not bad. The story is acceptable and characters believable. She hasn't wasted alot of time on characters that will soon be dead. So it's good.


She can't spell Angelus. Angeles!! Indeed.

It is rather important to gain the trust of your reader by showing that you know the characters inside and out. The most obvious way to achieve this would be to spell their names correctly. It is an error possibly made by any number of people, but it does not reflect well on the author. I cringe everytime I come across the word. It is similar to a soloist fudging a note, it scrapes the spine.

I hope there are no more references to Angelus.

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