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Monday, July 5

Paper Cuts

I've finally completed Robin Hobb's Fool's Fate. A fitting finale to a wonderful series. These are the books I love to read. The feeling of contentment while reading is a strange feeling, chiefly because it is so rarely felt. I love reading and do it constantly because I enjoy it. Perhaps the reason why I devote so much time to reading is the search for that buzz of enjoyment. Something I'll ponder further.

Fool's Fate closes out the Tawny Man series quite completely. Every loose end is tied up. I mean every. Not just from this series, but from the Farseer Trilogy as well. When you read the last line it does ring quite true. Thankfully it's not all too easily done. As is the way of this tale, everything is hard and no choice is made or acted upon without a series of unforeseen consequences.

I am thankful that it finished with sufficient opportunities that a third series may be possible. It is unlikely, I think, to happen in the near future. Perhaps one day Robin Hobb will concoct a story to take us on a new ride with Fitz. I certainly hope so.

I am in the 'what to read' zone again. My habit of late has been to read a Buffy or Angel novel between other fiction. That seems the easiest choice for now.

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