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Friday, July 2

Tru Calling

Tru Calling had a lot to live up to. Whether they were fair expectations or not, I wanted this show to be good enough for Eliza Dushku not to do a Faith based series. I am glad that it has proven itself to be worth my viewership.

It must have proven itself to be popular because channel 7 decided to air another episode at 9.30pm last night. I didn't see any advertising for it. When I switched over from At The Movies, and saw Tru I frantically through a tape into my machine and press record.

Having missed the set up it took me a bit to catch on. Missing the first run of the day makes the rest of the ep no less uninteresting or more confusing but you don't get the things Tru has changed to make everyone's lives better.

So at 9.30pm tonight I'll be ready for it.

I feel that the show has a lot of potential and many directions it could explore. I hope it keeps it's standards up.

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