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Wednesday, June 30

Paper Cuts

After posting last night I headed to bed with my usual intention to read for a bit. This I did and was quite comfortable and content. That was until I got to the point Fool's Fate where the whole story turned and began to unravel. When this happens I know that I'm in for the long haul. Not much chance of sleeping before the sun rises. It happens only occasionally. Mostly with the last book of a series.

So at 4am I felt I had read enough to allow me to lay it to rest for the night and allow me to sleep. But I know that when I pick the book up soon I'm going to be caught in the same predicament. I have to wake early tomorrow. That's the killer.

In the same way that I miss characters in books I've not read for a long time, I find that when characters that haven't been present since the end of the last series return it is like being reunited with an old friend. No matter what turmoil is happening in the story, just having that character return is reassuring. It is a sign of fleshed out characters that I can identify with. Thankyou Robin Hobb.

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