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Tuesday, June 29


I couldn't help it. Go and play the Eats, Shoots and Leaves Punctuation Game.

My result was 83%. Not bad.

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Blogger Pickwick said...

83% also - and the bummer was being sure the two I clicked incorrectly were wrong, but doing it anyway!

30/6/04 7:52 am

Blogger Draic said...

I got 75%, BUT I have excuses!
A) If I had noticed the word 'dont', I WOULD have put an apostrophe in it. Instead I was looking at the plural words.
B) For one of the questions, I clicked on 'next' instead of 'no comma'.
C) The 'endangered white rhino' was a trick! Like the dodo (above) said, I knew it was wrong when I clicked on it...

12/7/04 12:22 am


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