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Wednesday, June 23

Letting Go

A major part of life, I have discovered, is learning how to let something go. Normally this is connected with relationships, people, life, places and experiences, not books, television shows and movies. Yet it seems more common that these three things are something people are having trouble letting go of.

Do we get too attached to our fictional entertainment? I certainly think so.

Last year when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was scheduled for release I decided I wanted to read the first four then move straight into Phoenix. This was all fine and worked great having the whole story in one go. By the time I finished it had been 2 of months of immersing myself in one world. At the end of Phoenix I felt a sense of loss. I spent a few days wandering around wondering what I was going to do and how I would fill the void I felt. Of course I started another book, then another and moved on. Upon seeing the movie, this feeling has returned, and I feel the need to read the series again.

This post wasn't meant to be all about Potter. I'm moving on...

For the past three Boxing Day's I've spent 3+ hours in a dark room discovering Middle Earth. Three wonderful films that came to a fulfilling conclusion. I didn't feel any sense of loss or a need to let go. The stories were concluded in such a way that I was happy to see them end. Even if I did go and see them end multiple times. I actually felt more sorrow when the DVD came out in May. That seemed to put a finality on it. No more.

Last year my favourite TV show said farewell. Buffy was a big part of my life. Which when you think about it is weird in itself, a one hour weekly show being part of someone's life. Being a fan of it was and still is part of my identity. When it finished, I was staying at a friends and we watched the last episode. Neither of them were fans of the show, and admittedly I did feel weird about watching something rather significant to me with others who didn't appreciate it. Then it was all over. I had seen Buffy come to an end. I felt a sense of loss, but not as great as I expected it to be. Perhaps it was because it was something I'd been prepared for for a year, that I didn't have the chance to wallow because I was in indifferent company, or that I knew I wasn't really losing anything.

Even though it's been nearly a year since Chosen aired here I still don't feel that Buffy is finished. Every month a book hits store shelves, the second soundtrack was released, in a few weeks the final Watcher's Guide will be available and soon enough I'll be able to afford to buy season 7 on DVD. Even though I am well aware of the fact that all this is due to marketing so the companies can still have my money, I'm not particularly concerned about that because what they are producing is still Buffy and that's what I want.

With more news about the animated series appearing and Anthony Stewart Head mentioning that Joss is still wanting to pursue Ripper, I've not lost hope that Buffy-verse will return.

I don't want to let go. Yet.

I know I get attached, but with attachment I also find a lot of positives. So bring on more things for me to obsess about!

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