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Tuesday, June 22


For the past 2 months there has been a plot afoot. One of a devious and calculating nature involving secret phone calls, disguised text messages and, I'm sure, a few covert emails all striving for one thing...

To keep me in the dark.

At the request of a 'friend' (I'm reassessing that word...), I spent Saturday morning wandering round shopping and in the afternoon went to see The Day After Tomorrow again. Quite relaxing and pleasant. Unfortunately we had to leave the cinema early because my 'friend' had to be somewhere and be there by a certain time after dropping me home. So off we go, phone calls are made to reassure that my 'friend' will arrive on time. Once home and out of the car I was followed upstairs and when I opened the door...

It was certainly a shock to see all these people standing in my kitchen!

Apparently nearly everyone I know was invited and knew about this party. The reason I was so clueless is it was a birthday party. My birthday is at the end of December, so it’s no surprise I wasn’t suspecting a plot in the middle of the year! I’ve never had the chance to have a gathering with friends because usually it's the time of year everyone goes away.

So I felt very loved that people would exert so much effort for me. Which is why I’ll not trust any of them ever again!

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