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Saturday, June 12

Tru Calling 101 - The Pilot

Finally a new show that deserves our attention. Pilot episodes tend to be chunky and clunky, re: Jake 2.0, but Tru Calling was sleek and simmering.

At first it was weird seeing Eliza Dushku on screen as anyone but Faith. It takes some adjustment to watch anyone you've seen as one character for the past 5 years. Perhaps I should own more of her films than just 'Bring It On'. Anyway...

It wasn't a difficult adjustment by any means and Tru Davies is interesting enough to come into her own.

I had not read much publicity about this show, only the odd article in mags like Dreamwatch, so I had little prior knowledge of its structure or style. So when I commented half way through that it feels like 'Run Lola Run', I had no idea that that was one of the marketing blabs. It certainly bares little resemblance to '24' though.

Loved the theme song. Not all that used to themes with lyrics, but it works anyway.

The opening sequence was touching and set up the familial relationships well. So I wasn't surprised to see the big sis as a successful person with huge issues, and the younger brother wouldn't be nearly as useful to the plot if he wasn't always getting into trouble.

I really enjoyed this first ep and look forward to a series that I can sink my teeth into!

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