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Saturday, June 5


Last night Internet Explorer seemed to be having a spat at me, it wouldn't let me post here. Every time I clicked the publish button I would get a page saying that it couldn't be loaded and that I needed to shove my head in an oven. Well the first parts true.

So as I am kinda persistent, I thought perhaps Blogger was having some work thing done, therefore I'd come back and try again later.


It turns out the IE was having issues loading other pages as well, so I decide to run every virus, bug, spybot, ad program I've got to see whether I've some nasty lurking in the background.

Turns out I have a few.

Having a virus, a spybot and adware on my computer would not bother me so much except that I had to spend the time deleting all the posts that WERE posted, I just couldn't see that they had been. 35 of the same post actually. No matter how interesting something is, it's not interesting 35 times!

People who create viruses or anything of the sort should be clapped in irons, chained in a public place where the people who's lives they affect can throw rotten fruit at them.

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