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Saturday, June 5


Humans are the strangest creatures. Or maybe it's just me.

I have discovered that I have a very odd habit. When I'm online, I tend to leave Outlook open so that it automatically checks for emails. A logical thing to do. With the new version I have, when a new email is downloaded I get a little popup saying that I've got a new message and who it's from etc.

All logical.

This is where I got confused. Every email I receive I click over to Outlook, and rather than click on the email, I hit Send and receive to see if there's anymore messages. Even though I know that Outlook has only just done this, as I've received a message moments before. It doesn't make sense, yet I keep doing it.

I'm insane.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you are, but it's a common compulsion, reflective of the age in which we live, where we have become increasingly reliant on electronic communication in the face of an absence of real interactions with other, equally-insane humans. It's the technological equivalent of the older compulsions of gazing down the street for the postman (I'm allowed to be sexist, it's a historical thing) or checking that the phone is on the hook, willing it to ring.

6/6/04 9:37 am


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