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Saturday, May 22

Farewell Angel

2 days ago, the finale of Angel's fifth and final season aired in the US. A sad day for fans of the Joss Whedon-verse as our TV schedule will soon be Whedon free. Thankfully here in Oz only the 14th ep has aired and what a corker!

Who would have thought that the most ridiculous concept possible could be one of the most strangely entertaining hours of the series. There would be few other eps that I have laughed as often in and few other eps that have also left such a disturbing lasting impression. The image of those kiddies smiling like that. With their eyes all googly and unnaturally wide smile, it'll be a source of nightmare material for ages!

Am glad that the subplot of Gunn's failing powers has closed, although I perhaps would liked to have seen more of the old 'just hit things' Gunn before the revert.

I was overjoyed that the only part Spike had to play was to have the crap beaten out of him buy Muppet Angel.

Yay for Fred finally smelling the roses and taking charge. Wesley is my favourite character and I was getting depressed about his constant pining.

It's eps like these that I will miss the most. Having no idea what to expect week to week is something few other shows can offer. Let's hope that we see some more Whedon TV sooner rather than later.

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