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Monday, May 3

Cirque Du Soleil

I realised that the few posts I've made so far have been a little on the negative side. I promise I'll try to keep some sort of perspective and mix the good in with the bad.

I have recently been on a bit of a binge. Perhaps binge is going a little far, perhaps immersion is better. Anyway, of late I have been immersing myself in the wonder that is Cirque Du Soleil.

Never heard of Cirque? well it's a French Canadian circus company basically. They produce the most amazing shows you are likely to see in you life. The have a number of productions that tour the world in massive tents and they also have a few install shows in places like casino's. And most recently to my eyes is the TV production called Solstrom. It's a bizarre hour of TV that asks you to sustain disbelief yet hold a sense of disbelief at what these people can do! Not everyone's cup of tea but it's worth the time just to appreciate the abilities of the performers.

I also managed to snag a copy of the show 'Quidam' which as it happens is touring Australia at the moment and will be in Brisbane in November. Meaning I can go and see them! Anyway, I snagged a copy of the DVD on special, yay, and got a taste of it. Now I don't want to wait till then and want to go now. Not going to happen, I'll just have to be patient, the same way I have to be with seeing The Lion King.

If your interested in Cirque have a browse of their website and get a very different insight into circus. Cique Du

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