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Wednesday, April 28

Reality Bites

A number of weeks ago Angel was swapped from Wednesday nights to Thursday and an hour later to the getting ridiculous time of 11.30pm. I've been known to rant about channel 7's treatment of the small amount of quality product it airs, so this is not new territory for me, but 11.30 is really pushing the limit of my patience. So to the actual point of this post....

The hour later time slot means that I'm trying to fill in time till 11.30 on a Thursday night. There's not exactly a great lineup after 10. I end up hanging round, leaving the TV on 7 waiting for Angel to start. So for the past coupla weeks I've been subjected to Average Joe Hawaii. I hate these type of shows, playing people against each other, ruining lives, all with a good dose of public humiliation, but every year there has been one that I've started watching and end up following it through. And it seems for now that Average Joe is this years guilty pleasure viewing. Every ep that I've watched, it has been funny. I can see the nuts and bolts of the show. How forced it is. How very cheesy. Yet when Angel wasn't on last week because of a longer ep of Joe I still switched on the TV. US Reality TV is like a virus, it just keeps spreading until your immune system eventually breaks down.

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