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Wednesday, May 19

Paper Cuts

Well, what a way to end a novel! Always good to put a great plot twist at the end. Makes you want to read the next book! Lirael was an interesting lesson of not getting comfortable with the format of genres. Change is good.

Garth Nix weaves a dark and foreboding world of walking dead and scared youths fighting insurmountable odds, but without driving the reader into a full blown depression. Sameth is an intriguing character with the ability to invent enchanted objects that are rather useful, like a bug eating flying frog. He may act like an insufferable teenager at times, but he's not as pig-headed as Harry Potter in book 5. Lirael is quite complex going from wanting to commit suicide in the first chapter to leading the expedition. I enjoy how each character is dealing with events and each other realistically and not becoming over dramatic, Nix avoids falling into the high drama traps some fantasy authors fall into.

Now it's time for Abhorsen!

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Blogger Violet said...

Abhorsen is the best of 'em

21/5/04 8:15 pm


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