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Monday, May 10

Paper Cuts

As I posted last week I finished Sabriel, and moved immediately onto Lirael. As I have read numerous fantasy type series before I assumed that Lirael would be a continuation of the story of Sabriel. And it is, but not. It begins 14 years after the end of Sabriel and also is about another character, Lirael. Seems obvious now but was a little put off at first, because I was looking forward to discovering more about Sabriel.

So I am about half way through right now, and have been caught up in the weaving of this story, Nix has divided the book up a little and there are chapters devoted to different characters currently with no link. I am enjoying the unpredictablitity of the structure and hope that I am rewarded for reading on.

After the slight confusion during the last book about what approximate time the southern part of this world existed in it is made more clear in the section titles of this book, where it is stated that the time is 1924, which seems to match up to the technology of that time mentioned. Within reason of course. This is a world of fantasy so anything is possible.

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