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Thursday, June 3

The Day After Tomorrow

I've been meaning to write about this film since I saw it last week.

This is a film of epic proportions that is worth seeing. From the same guy who made 'Independance Day' you probably are thinking, 'no brainer'. My advice, go into the film thinking that. It'll be a nice surprise.

Start with the bad...

Characters aren't all that deep. No surprise there. Denis Quaid just isn't able to find enough substance in the 'superdad' to make him human. Jake Gyllenhaal seems slightly out of place in a CGI epic but does his best to make Sam likeable. The rest of the cast are unfortunately rather forgettable.

Don't expect to see oscar winning performances, Sela Ward's reaction to the firemen who miraculously respond to an answering machine message would be best served in an episode of Passions.

The plot is a little chunky, not unexpected.

End with the good...

I can not not mention this film without blabbing about the visual effects. They are stunning.

The message was a little heavy throughout the film, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, most people today are a little beyond sublty.

It was a cool day when I watched it, but I certainly walked out of the cinema feeling unnaturally cold. It lasted all afternoon. The brain is a funny thing.

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