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Wednesday, June 2

Paper Cuts

Having finished Abhorsen I was faced with the unending dilemma of what to read next. Thankfully it wasn't a tough decision. I have about 20 Buffy and Angel novels that are unread. This weeks choice: Angel 'The Longest Night vol. 1'.

I am not a huge fan of the short story, mostly because I enjoy delving into characters and that requires length.

This novel is kinda like the once good now crap tv show 24. It begins at 6pm on December 21st, the Winter Solstice and concludes at 6am the following morning. Every hour is a separate short story written by a different author/s. The five chapters I've read so far some are by Jeff Mariotte, Chris Golden, and Scott and Denise Ciencin. All regular novelists for Buffy and Angel. Giving each a chance to shine against the others.

My fav so far was 9 p.m. "It Can Happen To You", a Wesley based tale, surrounding 2 ghosties out for a good time.

Each story is separate and doesn't match up with the previous, the timeline is realtively smooth. Avoiding the trap of having characters off fighting battles with in minutes of each other.

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