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Saturday, June 5

News or stuff I found interesting

Tru Calling
Eliza Dushku's show is apparently starting here very soon. Friday June 11th at 9.30pm on channel 7 is the rumoured time and place. Chances are it won't last long there, as we've seen before Friday and Saturday nights aren't good for an series, they get interrupted way too much. See

Angel - The Album
During Buffy's seven year run we had three albums released to make us happy fans. Angel has just finished it's fifth year and we are still waiting for the first album. Well that wait won't be for too much longer.

BBC Cult reports that Robert Kral, Angel composer, has released a 24 track list for an Angel Soundtrack.

I note, still not confirmed, but more possible than a 'no', the CD is likely to feature Christian Kane and Andy Hallett vocals, with heaps of score and of course the theme by Darling Violetta. Yay!

Chances are I'll have to by it elsewhere, just like Radio Buffy...

Cartoon Buffy
If you didn't hear, a couple of years ago when Buffy was still going strong, Joss Whedon decided he wasn't quite busy enough and opened up the box on a Buffy animated series. Jeph Loeb came on to develop the show and spent a year and a half working it. Fox never picked it up and it got shelved.

Well Jeph Loeb is back working it and Alyson Hannigan took time while in England to record some Willow vocals for it, all we need now is a release date and we'll be happy!

When Phantom met Sally?
Alyson Hannigan is playing Sally in 'When Harry met Sally' in London, when a chandelier broke free from the auditorium ceiling. Safety wires prevented it from falling but chunks of plaster came down injuring 11 people. I wonder if Michael Crawford was there that night...

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