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Sunday, June 13


I'm going to see Prisoner of Azkaban on Monday again, so I'll wait till after then surmise my thoughts.

After seeing it I do feel qualified to say that it is a PG film. The session I attended on Thursday afternoon was full of primary aged kiddies with a parent, and there were no whimpers of terror. In fact rather than my usual complaint of irritating maggots I found the group I was with really enthralled in the film and not the least distracting. One child managed to make a few well placed comments which cracked me up. These kids seemed well versed in potterdom and were eagerly awaiting the events to unfold.

One child at the start when Harry is on the run voiced the exact thing I was thinking, "Where's Hedwig!" as Harry runs down the street with only his trunk. Children can be fun.


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