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Saturday, June 19

The Day After Tomorrow Today

This is ridiculous. I live in a mostly tropical environment. Yes we have cold winters but I'm so very over it already. It's been rather cold for a couple of days now and it's time for it to warm up again. The prediction for tonight's low was 7 degrees Celsius. Well it's 1am and it's 7 degrees now!

It must seem that I'm complaining for no real reason. 7 isn't that cold. The problem is most of the houses here are designed to keep cool in the extreme heat we get in Summer. My house doesn't hold the heat!

The main reason I find this cold weather so horrible is I'm a night owl. If I can I sleep the morning away and spend most of the night awake. In Summer it works out perfectly because I can get things done while it's more comfortable. The same thing usually works for most of the winter months because it's not too bad. Except for the odd cold snap.

So my fingers feel like they are about to fall off.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no bad weather, just bad clothing

20/6/04 11:07 am


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