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Thursday, June 17

Paper Cuts

It's been a bit since I've mentioned my current book. So long in fact that I've moved onto a new one.

Angel The Longest Night vol 1. is the book I'm looking at.

Hyped as a 'collection of original short stories' Longest Night for me seemed to be more like Longest Read. I lost interest in reading the last few shorts that some night I didn't read at all (that's a near impossibility). I think it was the short story format. As I said previously, I like getting into characters and stories. Even though these stories are about characters we know and love, it's the brief time we spend in any singular set of circumstances that I feel a little jilted by. Perhaps a better way to enjoy this book would be to read it in segments. A couple of stories at a time.

The stories are linked, insofar as the author had the hour they were writing, and there must have been sum communication of character situations because the stories aren't horribly out of alignment.

My brief thoughts on each story...

The House Where Death Stood Still - Pierce Askegren
A good strong start. Nice concept of the baddie and the emotional struggle with children.

A Joyful Noise - Jeff Mariotte
Started off a little wonky. I don't enjoy starting off with the baddies usually, and this was no exception. Turns into a good plot with nice happy ending.

I Still Believe - Christopher Golden
A shopping trip wouldn't be right if you didn't have to fight a big ol' demon. Didn't really cut it.

It Can Happen to You - Scott and Denise Ciencin
A Wesley based story that's got the wit and whimsy to let itself be a fun ride.

Model Behaviour - Emily Oz
This story was a little too sickly sweet to start with. At this point in season three Cordy isn't as likely as she previously was to just dump her friends on what obviously is the roughest night of the year. Ends better than it starts.

Have Gunn, Will Travel - Nancy Holder
This was a tale about someone else. Holder didn't seem comfortable writing for Gunn. Felt forced and false.

Generous Presence - Yvonne Navarro
I like a bit of inside nastiness. Having Lilah send presents was a good ploy to test their resolves, especially now that they've taken even bigger gifts in taking over Wolfram and Hart. Good story.

The Anchoress - Nancy Holder
This is a story that I would have liked to read more of. Nothing like a few baddies that you can't but hate. Time traveling, crossed visions. Good Good.

Bummed Out - Doranna Durgin
Visually stimulating. Durgin has a knack for well described imagery. Good character type stuff too.

Icicle Memories - Yvonne Narvarro
This story reminded me of 'The Day After Tomorrow'. All coldness. A bit too sentimental.

Yoke of the Soul - Doranna Durgin
This is the story I got stuck in. Don't know why, it just didn't enthuse me.

The Sun Child - Christie Golden
A great finish to the book. All about Sun and Moon God myths and stuff. A good finale and nice way to end the collection.

Overall an enjoyable read, but I'll be more likely to read anthologies in installments now.

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