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Saturday, June 26

Wallet Busters

I'm addicted to merchandise. I love all the cool things promoters come up with to flog a product. The coolest that I've found recently is Buffy Palz. They are Buffy figurines, but they are Buffy figurines that are Lego! How cool!

This photo shows them in full. I am confused at who the blonde second from the right is. It could be Darla, but why have Darla and not Angel?

On July 14th two Cirque Du Soleil shows will be released on DVD. Journey of Man was shown in IMAX theatres a couple of years ago, and is a film rather than a production. The great part is it's only $14.95! Saltimbanco is the other. It holds a special significance for me, it was my first Cirque show.

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