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Thursday, June 24

Angel - 5.18 'Origin'

Connor. At first not someone I was too happy to see again. Of course he'd be all different with his new memories but that didn't mean I had to like him. I felt that nearly everything I felt was wrong with the show in the past season was linked to Connor.

Now to this year. Connor turned out to be much less annoying than I had expected. He was even funny in a goofy way. It was a tricky way of getting him back. Angel's shock at his return was sufficiently portrayed, and I had forgotten (nothing to do with a spell) how much Angel had the SPs wipe from people memories.

Illyria has definitely claimed the position of the outside perspective. She claimed and delivered all the best lines. I say let her have Spike as a pet. I also like how she is like a puppy in a way, she just wanders around till she finds someone to follow. Wesley being the leader type and morally ambiguous is the obvious choice for her to follow. The mind games she plays with him are so subtle and yet lead him down interesting paths.

Wesley went on a serious witch hunt this week. See what lack of sleep can drive you to. Being a fav character of mine means I see it as my right to tell him not to do stupid things. So while on his hunt for the truth I'm thinking, 'Leave it. Leave it Wes!' I felt so bad when he smashed the box and all the events flashed. It's been a tumultuous couple of years for Wesley.

The Gunn subplot was gross. Good, but gross.

After all the Connor was put through, in both lives, I was glad to see he was able to make a wise choice to stick with the stable family. A good way also to put Angel at ease that he wasn't going to go psycho anytime soon.

Marcus is far better than Eve as a liason to the SPs. 'We'll not be having sex on that couch anytime soon' was a great line. Menacing and creepy. Just like he should be.

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Blogger MuzeKez said...


Was cruising through some blogs with common interests and stumbled upon yours. Just wanted to say I completely agree re: Marcus and Eve. Eve was an annoying pest, Marcus was instantly believable as a liason to the senior partners. And he delivered the "sex on the couch" line perfectly. ;-)

24/6/04 10:17 am


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