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Wednesday, June 30

Angel - 5.19 'Time Bomb'

I'm getting a little behind with my TV blabs. Maybe that's a good thing...

Time Bomb really let us see what Illyria really could be and no longer can be. For a God-King Big Bad type, I have started to care what happens to her/it/whatever. I was afraid that she would turn into a mopey evil that just cause annoying problems and became useful because of her powers with no reason why she would help the gang (sound familiar?). Instead we get total meltdown with possible continental damage. That is what should happen. That Illyria is breaking down because Fred's body isn't the best shell is the worst kind of irony.

Wesley's split personality was intriguing, the serious blow he delt himself last week is going to cost him way too much. Joss picks on the good characters way too much, More torment and horribleness on Angel and Spike.

The cliffhanger at the end of the second act (I think) left me speechless. Well not really, just babbling like a madman.

Time jumping can be used to great effect or to confuse and annoy. Thankfully, it was a great way to reveal to use what is happening.

The best line of the ep of course goes to Spike, "It's not murder if you say yes."

This is ep 19 of 22, it certainly doesn't feel like any other build up to the end of the year. I've mentioned before at how it seems rushed and forced. I would be very interested to see the earlier plans for the end of this year and into the next. Would Fred have been killed off as soon or would they have waited till the end of the year? They can only ever be hypotheticals, but I would still be interested to know.

If you didn't know, Amanda the pregnant woman is Jaime Bergman, David Boreanaz's wife.

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