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Friday, July 16

Pregnant Delivery Pictures


My Netstat counter tells me all sorts of info about you, my reader. Nothing personal, scandalous or truly interesting, just tidbits about the you computer etc. It also tells me the country you are from and how you got here, i.e. what link you clicked.

It tells me what things you searched for to get my site as a link. So I've been linked to from Google for searches about Shrek 2, Cirque Du Soleil and Angel. Today I was listed under a very bizarre search, one that I can't help but laugh (right now, that's a good thing. re: the above post).

So someone, for some reason, needed to find sites about...

Pregnant Delivery Pictures.

I'm not hiding anything here. There aren't any secret password protected areas that feature gigs of bizarre fetish porn.

So the only plausible explanation is that I mentioned Jaime Bergman's guest role as the pregnant woman in the Angel ep 'Time Bomb'.

This will amuse me for a while.

As will the searches I will appear in now that I've written the words bizarre fetish porn.

Argg! There I go again. There's going to be a lot of very disappointed fetish-types out there.

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