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Tuesday, July 13

Attend the tale of...

Sweeney Todd. One of my favourite musicals.

ABC recently aired the concert version and I, being a fan, taped it. I have had the main theme in my head for a few days now, and having the opportunity to do some work in front of the TV I put it in. Sweeney Todd In Concert is still just as creepy and thrilling as the show itself. Patti Lupone as Mrs Lovett and George Hearn as Sweeney. Both are amazing.

Last year I saw a production of it by the Opera Queensland and it was brilliant. Never have I entered an auditorium that had a strange air of tension about it. This show is a thriller in every aspect. Music, content, design all amplify it. Judi Connelli played Mrs Lovett and thrived in the role. Steven Page was adequate as Sweeney, I didn't feel he had the right energy. Which is strange because he's played Todd hundreds of times around the world. The rest of the cast were fantastic. It's a show I'll look back on with great memories.

In the Concert version, Patti LuPone is a powerhouse performer, she takes on Lovett with an amazing gusto and verve. You can't help but like her.

It certainly makes you think twice about eating meat pies.

Doesn't stop me though.

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Blogger Violet said...

Just like that Sixties science fiction movie 'Soylent Green' might make you think twice about eating tofu.

13/7/04 5:05 pm


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