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Monday, July 12

Angel - 5.21 'Power Play'

Well, after last week's frivolities, it was expected that this week be far more serious in tone. If it wasn't, I would be worried what new drugs the writers were taking. With very little build-up (a couple of obvious evil type decisions) Angel is suddenly this uber wheel'n'dealer who doesn't care about the little people and abandons his friends. Huh?

It just didn't seem to fit. Too fast change, this is.

The only thing I liked about this teaser opening was the pay off later on, when I discovered the scrawny guy who Angel bites is Drogyn.

Angel finally gets to have sex. Anticlimactic and seemingly false. Used to show that Angel hadn't gone completely bad, the Nina relationship subplot is a waste to use on obvious plot devices.

Loved the Illyria and Spike banter about haunting the halls of Wolfram and Hart. Illyria and Drogyn playing an Xbox was also a hoot. If only they had discovered where Spike hid the two Buffy games.

I got the inkling that someone may die next week. There may have been a hint about that, or a howler.

Wesley's deterioration is expertly played by Alexis Denisof. It was a very smart move by Joss and Co to bring him on as a regular way back when. He's rarely let the ball drop. I just hope he survives. I would be sad to see any of the regulars get done in, but Wesley's death would cut the deepest.

I was interested in what happened to Lindsay. I don't know if I mentioned it in here, but they sacrificed a lot to bring him back, to only let him speak a few doom and gloom lines. I didn't understand why they would waste such an opportunity to find out everything he knows. Surely they have access to the best ways of making someone talk.

If Marcus Hamilton's super-abilities weren't already established, he's got to go beat the crap out of Illyria and drog, sorry, drag off Drogyn. The liaison to the Senior Partners has been a mystery that I'm comfortable not knowing. A child of the Senior Partners Eve once said. Her superpower must have been the ability to irritate in a single sound.

Thus, we find Angel is in the 'gang' now. The Circle of the Blackthorn. Surely, a sudden change of heart by the noble Angel is going to be seen through like a Matrix extra's wardrobe. These people are the oil in the cogs, so one could assume they are smart and distrustful enough to doubt the change. There's that clunky forced feeling I've been getting again.

So it all leads up to an epic battle to come. Everyone is in on the deal. Did Lorne actually raise his hand?

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