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Saturday, July 17

Paper Cuts - Obsidian Fate

I've moved on from Obsidian Fate to Angel's Soul Trade, finally. Took me too long to read a book that short.

Obsidian Fate by Diana G Gallagher is quite a good Buffy novel. Set about two thirds of the way through season 3, it has all the old gang together. There's the Angel/Buffy and Cordelia/Xander/Willow/Oz (not a foursome btw) relationships. Giles, sadly, is still alone and is manipulated by a woman who looks 'similar' to Jenny Calendar.

There are a few new characters that we'll only meet in this story. Thankfully they aren't all killed off, and none of them were irritating like some novel characters can be. I was thinking that I would liked to have seen one of the new high school characters appear on the show. Too late for that now. Unless there's hope for the cartoon.

I was still appalled every time 'Angeles' was mentioned... It's Angelus!
Soul Trade by Thomas E Sniegoski is enjoyable so far. Angel is trying to be inconspicuous with Cordelia doing distraction stunts and Doyle's in trouble. All is normal. I am glad to be taken back this far as to not link too much in with the finale's events.
The first thing I noticed when I opened this book was in the Acknowledgements Joss Whedon is thanked as Joss Whedan. Whoops.

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