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Monday, July 19


Instant Messaging. A wonderful technological advance that I can use to keep in contact with my friends who live around the country and the world.
The problem with it is that it can become too demanding. Every time I get on-line MSN log's-in. Fine. Most of the time I'm interested to see who is on-line the same time as me so I've got someone to chat to while I blog, surf or email. Sometimes, though, I want to get something done, or just chat to a single person. What do I do? Appear as away or simply block the people I don't currently want to chat too. It's usually nothing personal, simply a way of controlling how my attention is divided.
Tonight I was informed I was being blocked by a 'friend'. Now, as I've just said, I've got no beef with blocking, but to tell me that I am being blocked and no real explanation given is the reason why you don't tell people you are blocking them. No matter what, you will make them feel really crappy.
To add insult to injury, I didn't even start the conversation. So colour me stumped.

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Blogger Casyn said...

Hmm, commenting to my own post, how very sad.

I finally found out the deal about being blocked. The person was, apparently, chatting to three other people and couldn't spare the attention.

That is a totally understandable situation. Why not tell me that!!

I've moved on.

22/7/04 6:35 pm


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