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Tuesday, July 20

Helpful Helpers

I've discovered a couple of really helpful little programs recently.
The first is one I've only just installed. MSG Plus is an add on to MSN messenger that lets you do all sort of helpful things like change your status settings to personalised things like 'gone to the loo', write longer messages, control pretty much everything you want. It also has 'Boss Protection' so if you're chatting at work, a couple of key presses will hide all windows and change the msn icon to something else. Tricky.
The other is some thing I've found endlessly helpful writing posts here. IEspell adds an extra line to your Right Click menu that lets you check the spelling of anything you've typed into an Internet Explorer window. I know Blogger has spell check, but IEspell is more customisable for the words that I tend to make up.

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