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Monday, July 26

Paper Cuts - Doomsday Deck

A short book that took me far to long to read. Every time I went to read it I was interrupted, fell asleep (I read mostly before sleepin) or wasn't able to because of unfavourable circumstances. It is not that the book wasn't interesting, simply a series of unfortunate events that resulted in a long read of a short book (sounds like something from Jasper Fforde!).

Doomsday Deck is one of three Buffy books Diana G Gallagher has written (re: Obsidian Fate). 193 pages makes a concise story that doesn't stray from the main plot at all. There isn't room for any deep delving into the thoughts of characters or deviations into established relationships.

Thankfully there weren't any references to Angelus. Otherwise I would no doubt be complaining about misspeling again.

A good distraction from my ongoing indecisiveness about what to read, but not the most memorable Buffy novel.

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