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Thursday, July 22

Paper Cuts - Soul Trade

Set back at the start of Angel's season 1, Soul Trade was a good remedy for the show's finale. Oddly enough, it's about black market souls collection and trading. With only three main characters to play with the plot was kept very simplistic, yet I was never bored with it.

When I recall the events of the book it seems as if it should have been very short, not over 300 pages. Perhaps it is the way Thomas E. Sniegoski crafts the tale that makes it zoom. This is the same feeling I got when reading the middle volumes of Christopher Golden's The Lost Slayer series which were under 150 pages each. They have collaborated a number of times, so it's not surprising there is a similarity.

A good, simple, quick read. No serious problems with characters or dialogue. Well, except that Doyle says 'ye' a little too often.

I have moved back to Buffy now. Doomsday Deck by Diana G. Gallagher. At under 200 pages. It hardly feels like a book at all. Season 3 turmoil as per normal, and Xander's is enthralled by a lovely female artist. A quarter way in and it's been one brief read.

I think I'll keep plodding through my novels till I finally decide what other book to read.

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