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Thursday, July 22

Exotic Death Test

I will mauled by a mob of midgets.

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test

There are somethings in life just worth doing. I think this is far more reliable than any TV show 'Life Expectancy Test'.

I discovered this through a blog I've added as a link: The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Person...

4 viewers interjected with:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

K discovered - I will be struck down by a meteor!

24/7/04 12:03 am

Blogger Jack said...

I got mauled by midgets, too!

24/7/04 9:01 am

Blogger Casyn said...

Struck down by a meteor? That's not exotic as just plaid bad luck!

Maybe there's a midget mob mob boss who put bloggers who like Donnie Darko on a hit list.

25/7/04 2:11 am

Blogger Ben said...

I'm getting hit by a meteor as well. That seems a bit common, if two people right here are gonna cark it like that... maybe more people should be worried. Maybe after the meteor strikes the surviving midgets go on mauling rampages? if so, I'm glad I'm gonna go in the first wave. I don't need to stick around to see that!

1/8/04 1:42 am


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