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Monday, July 26

T.R.U. Phone Home

So. Last week Miss Match and Tru Calling were replaced by a crappy Goldie Horn film. They had advertised Tru Calling throughout the week. I check my TV week to see that this week there is another movie on this Friday night too. What does this mean? Channel 7 have screwed us AGAIN.

I didn't mind Miss Match. A no brainer show that I was here nor there about. It even had Charisma Carpenter guest star. Tru Calling was on the verge of joining my 'must watch every episode ever' category.

The crunch of the matter is, both shows were looking like they were sitting on the chopping block in the USA. Miss Match got chopped. Tru Calling, to the surprise of many, didn't. Jane Espenson, who wrote many Buffy eps, has even joined the staff for the next season.

7's 'Girl power' Friday had it's midsection dismissed. How stupid was that promotional campaign anyway. Three totally unrelated shows, a renovation show, a romcom, and a supernatural drama, all grouped because they all starred women. It made sense to schedule them adjacent because hopefully the earlier would lead into the latter, but it was clear that they were trying too hard to make it work.

Prime time Friday never really works for any series. Football dominates Friday nights. It's a sad fact. Also, according to audience analysts, no one is home on Friday night. NO ONE.

So I am no one. I've known it for a while now, but thankfully TV audience analysts have confirmed it for me. But. If no one is home, who is watching the Football?

So I'm not just a no one, I'm doubly the no one, because I'm frequently home on a Friday night AND I'm not watching the Football (which no one is home to watch).

So, in despair, I look to my TV Week in the vein hope that at least Tru Calling has been sent to the 10.30 slot it deserves. Nope.

My next point of call is, of course, the net. See if anyone knows anything. No. Just lots of complaining about it's absence. Last point of call, which should have been my first, was forums. The story is 7 has taken the shows off because the Olympics are coming. They intend to resume showing the series afterwards.

What a ridiculous notion. 'The Olympics are coming'? They have to stop airing shows that are watchable, so, by the time the Olympics are on and we've got nothing else to watch we are used to 7 having nothing on? It is strangely logical.

There were three Fridays that could have aired episodes. Instead we have the decision to not watch 7 made for us.

Maybe I'll go out.

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Blogger Ben said...

> If no one is home, who is watching the Football?
They have TVs in pubs :)

And I hear ya re channel 7, I have given up on them. They can't seem to leave their programming schedule alone, they have to screw around with timeslots until they kill off every great show they get. I reckon if something is not an instant success they get mad and jerk it around just to .. ah, I can't figure it out.

But I don't trust 'em. They say all this stuff about new shows (like girlpower fridays) but you know in a couple of weeks they'll flipflop. I just don't want to get interested in shows that are going to be shifted to later and later timeslots on different days of the week. Ugh.

Wait for the DVDs :)

1/8/04 1:32 am

Blogger Casyn said...

TV's in the pubs. Of course! I had forgotten.

To add insult to injury, Ten has pulled Jake 2.0. There are only 14 episodes of this series in total. Surely Ten could afford to show them instead of the Everybody Loves Raymond repeats they've put on this Friday.


1/8/04 3:20 am


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