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Wednesday, July 28

Everything at Once

I've got blogblock. I've got a bunch of things I want to post about but can't actually start any of them. I just sit and stare at the screen. Maybe I have burnout? Unlikely. Perhaps it's daunting because I've created a list and the pressure of having the list is affecting my willingness to complete the list? Am I have blog performance anxiety?

Or maybe I should get to the point.

Paper Cuts - Monster Island
I've started the next Buffy novel. Monster Island by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski. It's a crossover novel, so to anticipate multiple story lines and more characters than I could poke a stake at is wise. I'm still in the first couple of chapters and haven't left Sunnydale yet. I like what I have read so far. The vomiting bug demon was a low point.

In most of the novels, a 'Historian's Note' is added in one of the first pages of the book. Giving an indication of when the story is set. Usually something like 'set in the first half of season 2 of Buffy'. The fun part of this is working out exactly where the book fits. From the events and current position of relationships you can usually whittle it down to a point between 2 episodes. Sounds a bit fanatical, but that's what I'm like. Monster Island doesn't have this little hint as to time. So it's set a bigger challenge for me no hint at all. It's not hard to guess that it's in Buffy season 6 and Angel season 3. So far it's before 'Once More, With Feeling' and after 'Life Serial'.

Paper Cuts - Wicked Wisdom
A book I had seen around and added to my want list. Wicked Wisdom: A Cynic's Dictionary is a dictionary in the sense that is has words listed in alphabetical order, but rather than traditional definitions it features quotes that give a different perspective on the word. The quotes are from the famous and not so.

I was given this book last week. My Mum bought it to put away for Christmas, but as happens so often with us, we can't wait that long. So I have it to enjoy now.

Some excerpts:

A national celebration of chocolate. Mike Barfield.

A man who thinks everyone is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it. George Bernard Shaw.

The lowest form of wit - unless you thought of it first. Anon.

The hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it. Henry Ford.
It's very amusing.

DVD Additions
I've finally been able to pay off a Layby of DVDs. Dark Angel season 2 parts 1 & 2, and Futurama season 2. Woohoo!

I think a new section should be added to the Blogger profile page. Favourite TV addictions.

I got each set for just over $30. So I grabbed them then and laybyed away.

Futurama is excellent and the commentaries for every ep are always a laugh. Occasionally funnier than the ep itself.

Dark Angel season 2 is very good. This series is strange. Had places to go, then James Cameron up and left. There's some good stuff in the second season, but it seems to have been grasping at straws for places to go.

The end
For a post that I had troubles starting, I managed to blab on enough. I feel better now.

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Blogger Jack said...

Blog Block is so meh. It always seems like it comes when you have the most to say, too.

31/7/04 3:36 am


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