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Saturday, August 7

Paper Cuts - Monster Island

Well, Mr Christopher Golden and Mr Thomas E. Sniegoski, you succeeded in writing a Buffy/Angel crossover novel that cohesively joined the two separate worlds with a minimum of fuss and repetitiveness.

I dislike being forced to read detailed introductions of characters that I'm fairly sure I know better than some of the people who write these books. I feel a little insulted. Chances are, a person reading a Buffy or Angel book is going to be familiar with the either series.

I digress.

Monster Island has been a most enjoyable read. One of the longer Buffy or Angel novels, it had the space to cover stories in both locations and multiple combinations of characters in search of the answers. Nothing felt cheesy or forced and each character held up to the microscope of being thrown together rather well.

I ended up not caring the exact time this story was set, and simply enjoyed the ride I was taken on. The reappearance of the Scourge, even if they weren't named as such, certainly brought it's own tension that the writers used as a good base.

I have mentioned before that Golden has a thirst for blood. Other than Angel's injuries early in the story, I wasn't uncomfortable with any other of the battle-scenes or injuries sustained within. They were well crafted and certainly drew me right in. It was very visual, which seems a strange thing to say about a book, but a lot of these novels tend to focus on the characters and not give too much interesting detail of new locations. Monster Island itself is a complete picture in my mind and if not for what it is, it sounded like a pretty good place to reside.

Pitting the whole team against one evil, seemed like it would leave some characters as spectators. Not so, each character had his/her place to be and thing to do.

A very good read.

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